Deluxe Package

This package offers extra services required for more involved home and building design projects requiring more attention to detail. Aside from the standard full design services, extra attention and time is spent during the design process. This package allows for consultation with other professionals such as structural engineers, geotechs, QEP’s, landscape designers, interior decorators, and others. The package includes construction and permit drawings, site and drainage plans, a license for one build, eight sets of blueprints, as well as digital PDF files that can be e-mailed to contractors and sub-trades during the construction phase.

Standard Package

This is our most common package and is suitable for all clients from first time homeowners to experienced contractors. The client has a design concept or rough sketches that need to be developed into a workable design, our designer provide full custom house or building design services, including comprehensive 3D renderings as needed. This package includes construction and permit drawings, site and drainage plans, a license for one build, and five sets of blueprints.

Basic Light Package

This package is designed for projects on a tight budget and is generally intended for experienced contractors who know their way around the design and building process. The client provides detailed sketches of the project which reduces the need for the preliminary design process and allows for a lower cost. The package includes construction and permit drawings, a basic site layout without drainage details, a license for one build, and five sets of blueprints. No artwork is included. This is also a good option for those needing smaller projects like garages, small workshops, or simple cottages.


Multiple Build Packages

In some cases a client may wish to build their project more than once, and in some case us the plans multiple times such as in the case of a subdivision, we offer special multiple build licenses. The licenses are priced according to your needs and are very reasonable, they also include coverage by our company project insurance and give you technical support. If you are planning a subdivision with a large number of homes we can also modify basic layouts and design to give variety through the project or offer your clients more customized services.

Subdivision Building Schemes.

Many new subdivisions are instituting Design Guidelines or Subdivision Building Schemes to ensure the development turns out in a way that all involved are happy with. Our Custom Design Department provides a number of services to assist you in this process. We offer full Building Scheme Development services, taking your desired outcome and putting it into easy to understand wording.

Along with this many developers prefer to have our designers review any plans that are submitted for approval and manage this step of the project. We can do these reviews whether the Building Scheme originates with us or comes form another source. Contact our Custom Design Department to discuss the details of your project and get a free estimate on having us look after this important service for you.

Free Estimates

Why are our custom design prices not shown on our site? As each project is unique and prices are not based solely on square footage because some house may include more complicated design elements or special lot requirements we prefer to offer free estimates on your individual project. Contact us today and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Pricing Package

The Pricing Package can be added to any other design service package, this package includes pricing sets released after completion of the preliminary design process as well as materials lists for budgeting purposes at the construction drawing phase.

Modification Packages

Our design team regularly modifies pre-drawn stock plans whether these are from our designers or other design firms, in fact we are the authorized modification design firm for some of North America’s largest home plan companies. This is an affordable way to have a custom modified home without necessarily paying full custom design fees.

With all modification copyright laws must be respected as violation of these is not only unethical but lawsuits for violation can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore we require the purchase of the modification rights from the original design firm, these charges are very reasonable and give you access to electronic files that often make the modifications easier. Since 1950 we have based our company reputation on honest business practices and we have attracted customers who appreciate this, plan to start your next project on solid ground.

Special Permit Package

This package can be added to any of the design service packages, the Special Permit Package includes necessary drawings and artwork for development, rezoning or variance applications. Additional consultation with building authority planning departments may also be involved.

Project Management Package

For clients who wish to have their entire project supervised we can provide full project management and consultation services. Including coordination of trades, professionals, and other contractors involved in the project.

Artwork & Marketing Package

For clients requiring extra artwork for marketing or investment purposes our design department offers full artistic rendering services. Artwork can be used for online marketing, signage, brochures, and more.