Step 5: Development or Variance Permit Drawings

In some cases development or variance permits are required before approval can be given to apply for building permits. We can provide special permit application drawings in these case along with required artwork to apply for necessary permits. Our custom home and building designers have worked with municipalities and building authorities across North America and have much experience navigating through what can be at times a confusing process for many.

Step 6: Final Construction and Permit Drawings

Once the preliminary layouts and exteriors have met your approval and any required special permits have been issued then the last step is to prepare the construction and building permit drawings. The architectural drawings include the foundation plans, floor plans, cross sections, wall sections, floor system layout, roof system layout, structural details, construction notes, electrical layout, exterior elevations, plumbing and heating fixture location, and other necessary drawings required for permit.

For clients who require site and drainage plans and notes, we can provide these as well. Other professional services may be required for your project, such as surveyors, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, landscape architects, interior decorators or others, and we can work with these professionals to add their required details to your drawings to make this final phase go as smooth as possible.

Step 7: On-site Consultation and Management

Our interest in our clients does not end with the issuing of the building permits. We are committed to seeing your project through to completion. To that end, our designers are happy to provide technical support to any contractors working on the project. Some clients may wish to have our designers even more involved in their project, in these case, we can provide extra services such as project consultation and project management.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Since 1950 we have worked hard to bring quality custom home and building design services to our clients and to help make their dreams a reality. We have built our reputation on satisfied customers and we look forward to working with you on your next project.

Step 1: Initial Design Concept

It all starts with your vision, some clients have sketches others just have ideas in their head, our designers make these come to life. An initial consultation helps our designers understand what is important to you in making your dream home a reality. They discuss the budget for the project, design requirements, lot limitations, view maximization, energy efficiency, as well as many other necessary items. In addition, a timeline is laid out for your project to make sure that you can get the plans in time to meet your desired build date.

Step 2: Preliminary Designs

The next step is to help your vision take shape during our preliminary design process. We begin with the layout of the home or building, and provide you with floor plans to review to make sure the design meets your needs. Either in person or over the internet the preliminary drawings are discussed until you are satisfied with the floor plans.

Step 3: 3D Renderings and Exterior Design

After the preliminary layout is complete we next move on to the exterior design of the project using advanced 3D architectural rendering programs. For many, this is the most exciting part of the design process as they see their project take shape with computer model renderings.

Scale renderings of the home from any angle allow you to see how roof lines, window sizes, and other architectural details will look. Finishing materials such as siding, roofing, trim, shutters, and many other materials can be customized to your preference to help make important design decisions. This phase of the preliminary design process is crucial to the final outcome of the project.

For clients requiring artwork for marketing purposes or development permit applications, our Custom House and Building Design department can take care of all of these needs.

Step 4: Pricing Plans

Getting the most out of your project without breaking the bank and going over budget is always a consideration. For clients who are interested in getting preliminary pricing on their projects we can provide pricing sets based on approved preliminary plans. These sets allow you to get basic estimates from local contractors to make sure the project is realistic for your budget. If adjustments are needed to downsize the building or you have room to add on to your plans it is easier at the preliminary phase of design than after the full construction drawings are complete.